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Trying New Things

It is strange how inspiration comes at the most random times. I'm sure we've all heard "shower thoughts", referring to the time in the shower where random questions and thoughts pop into our heads. Sometimes, shower thoughts happen...sans the shower.

I am here to announce that the No-MaTer Etsy shop has a new option - merchandise!

First of all, No-MaTer is using Etsy as a marketing tool more than a sales platform. Etsy can and does reach a broader audience than I have access to alone. I actually don't encourage sales of sauce on Etsy since my Wix website offers cheaper prices (especially shipping). But I have had decent success at garnering new customers due to Etsy's marketing.

Now for how this all transpired.

My amazing husband has been encouraging me for years to use Etsy as a platform for my art. Besides being the stereotypical artist who self deprecates their pieces, I was not sure really how to go about doing this without adding substantial stress and work to my life.

Fast forward a little bit and we'll gloss over my slight addiction to Instagram reels. But I found out (*cough* through some informative Instagram reels *cough*) that there are so many options and ways that you can easily sell products on Etsy. In fact, you can even subscribe to have a distribution company in some cases! Typical, I usually find the most challenging path on a project before I realize there are easier ways of doing things.

I took the initiative today and dove headfirst into the unknown as I researched how I could do this with my photography (gotta start somewhere).

Long story short, this was a huge success for me and my dopamine and I published my first couple of photos on Etsy for sale. This led to me thinking about "other" options...

A few weeks ago, you might remember, I bought a hoodie with the No-MaTer logo on it for some easy advertising. Well, a dear friend and long-time supporter of my crazy endeavors reached out and asked if he might have one too. I was honestly just shocked as it never occurred to me that others might like to participate in my marketing campaign.

Well, now that I had found options on Etsy, I realized it wouldn't be very difficult to set up an option on the No-MaTer site to purchase a No-MaTer hoodie! And that's just what I did!

If you would like to try out this experiment and purchase a hoodie (or even suggest other merchandise that I should look into selling), please let me know how it goes!

As always, tell your friends to tell their friends.

Have an amazing end of your week,


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