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Inventory Is Now LIVE!

I'm so excited to announce that (with it being the last day of March 2022) we now have No-MaTer Marinara Sauce available for sale on the website!

What a day it has been. What a journey.

I cannot thank you enough for joining me on this journey and supporting No-MaTer despite our setbacks and learning curves.

Back in October 2021, we hit a milestone by dialing in the flavor profile for MotherLode Co-Packers so we could move forward with bottling our first inventory batch. And then we hit a snag: funding. In this new day and age, banks are a little more risk-averse than prior to 2020. They are also considerably behind schedule and the process seems to be two to three times longer.

Finally in mid-February, we wrangled in the dollars and got the proverbial ducks in a row. Only to hit another delay: glass and jar shortage. The 24 oz sauce jar was on back order with a TBD date. What we were all expecting to be a 3-4 week scheduling timeline to be on the roster for the bottling company turned into 6 weeks.

Two days ago I received a text that the jars were in and we were ready to rock and roll TODAY!

Many of you know that I have a full-time job. So this short notice put me in a bit of a pinch. But rescheduling some meetings and working with my wonderful boss and team allowed me to take the day off and dedicate the morning to No-MaTer. The afternoon, well that I had scheduled a very important veterinary appointment for my largest child: the horse.

Well, nothing goes smoothly, especially the first time around. So, despite the wonderful crew at MotherLode's best efforts, there were delays. And my morning quickly turned into my afternoon still handling No-MaTer. My amazing rockstar of a husband jumped in to handle the veterinary appointment and allowed me to keep working with the bottling company until everything was dialed in and most importantly tasted AMAZING!

At the end of a very long day, it was a tearful moment of joy as I watched the conveyer belts and jars and hard working people produce my No-MaTer marinara sauce. I am overwhelmed.

Such a proud moment that I am honored to share with you. Bringing the most exciting news thus far in the journey: there is product finally available on the website for purchase!

Please check out the shop and enjoy the pictures and videos below.

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