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Getting Some Notice!

Happy August!

I don't know about you, but July flew by and August seemed to just appear out of nowhere.

There have been some fun developments in the No-MaTer world I'd love to share with you.

Over the last couple months, I have been trying to broaden my contacts list, up my social media game, and work towards getting into grocery stores. If you don't already follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you're missing out on some silly reels and fun posts!

I connected with my local Whole Foods store and they are very interested in stocking No-MaTer Marinara Sauce. However, I do still need to wait until November's application opening to submit to corporate for approval before I can move forward. The potential is there and waiting is difficult for sure.

In the meantime, I have been reaching out to other stores and even restaurants. It is a game of cold calling and cold emailing to spread the news that No-MaTer even exists. I have learned that I have some friends in unexpected places who have some amazing connections and hearts of gold! I firmly believe in 6-degrees of separation, and one day I'll reach Oprah (haha ;) )

I have been to a few different networking events which has been helping as well. One of these events even lead to an appearance on a Podcast!

The podcast is called The Journey ( and it is designed around interviewing neighborhood small businesses.

The No-MaTer episode is scheduled to release Monday August 8, 2022! In the meantime, please check out The Journey for other great episodes! It is a journey for sure and these hosts (Gina and Taylor) were so fun to visit with.

As of now, the No-MaTer Marinara Sauce is still only being sold via the website (, but I can ship nation-wide. I am growing my network in hopes of establishing No-MaTer in stores, restaurants, and in homes like yours. You can help by telling your friends to tell their friends. The more people that know it exists, the faster it will grow :)

Until next time,


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